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Experience the fine Japanese pear flavor!

"Nikkori", the local pear variety developed in Tochigi prefecture

Nikkori is the local pear brand developed in Tochigi prefecture. The brand "Nikkori" is named after "Nikko", the nationally famous sightseeing destination in Tochigi prefecture, and the Chinese character "梨" which is pronounced as "Ri" in Chinese. We also wanted both those who produce and eat "Nikkori" to have a big smile ("nikkori" in Japanese).

Very large

Nikkori is characterized by its large size. It weighs about 1 kg. Some weigh more than 1.3 kg.

Sweet and juicy

The fruit has high sugar content, a crisp texture, and plenty of juice.

Long storage life

Nikkori is harvested between the middle of October and the middle of November. Since it has a long storage life, it can be stored for about two months in a cool place. Nikkori can therefore be eaten as late as Chinese New Year or Valentine's Day.


Global attention to Nikkori! Rising popularity overseas

We have recently been putting a lot of effort into Nikkori exports. As a part of this effort, we conduct test marketing overseas or invite overseas buyers to Tochigi prefecture for a tour of Nikkori production sites. Nikkori is currently exported to South East Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. The popularity of Nikkori is starting to grow.

Nikkori instore sampling in Indonesia
Nikkori instore sampling in Indonesia

Selling Nikkori at a Klan morning market in Malaysia
Selling Nikkori at a Klan morning market in Malaysia

Selling Nikkori Hong Kong
Selling Nikkori in Hong Kong

Selling Nikkori in Thailand
Selling Nikkori Thailand

Tips for enjoying the "Nikkori" taste

Nikkori tastes the best when peeled and eaten fresh. Without cooking or processing, enjoy its fresh-from-the-farm sweetness, crispness, and juice. Those who eat Nikkori will have a "nikkori" smile (big smile).

Eat Tochigi !
- Pear - Nikkori -

You may know commonly available "pears", but do you know the exceptional characteristics and tastiness of "Nikkori"?
In this video, a foreigner living in Tochigi prefecture and her friend who has never tasted "Nikkori" learn from their teacher, a Washoku chef, how to eat "Nikkori" and its attractive features.

Producer's comment

Tochigi is suitable for growing "Nikkori" pears because it has fertile soil, long daylight hours, and a temperature difference between hot summer and cold winter. "Nikkori" pears are very large, have high sugar content, and last long. They are the best pear variety for exports. Their golden color is truly beautiful, and this color is considered to bring very good fortune. We, producers, carefully harvest the revolutionary "Nikkori" pears, one at a time while checking their color, and deliver them to you. We hope you will try them.

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