Why are Tochigi agricultural products so tasty?

Vast and fertile land

From flatlands to cold uplands over 1,200 meters above sea level, a wide variety of agriculture takes place in our prefecture that takes advantage of the characteristics of these fertile farmlands.

Abundant water resources

Our prefecture is blessed with rich water resources such as rivers like the Kinu River. These water resources make the production of high-quality agricultural products possible.

Mild climate

The climate here is mild throughout the year. Long winter daylight hours and a large day-night temperature difference allows the production of a wide variety of agricultural products, making Tochigi’s agricultural production the ninth largest in Japan.

Tochigi prefecture's effort for agricultural product export

South-East Asia and the US are the primary destinations

We are promoting exports of agricultural products to meet the demand of individual countries. For example, we export mainly strawberries and pears (Nikkori) to South East Asia and beef (Tochigi Wagyu) to the US and Singapore.

Product appeals through constant promotions and by inviting overseas buyers

We are advertising the attractiveness of Tochigi agricultural products to further expand their export by working with local buyers to plan and carry out promotions targeting consumers in destination countries and by inviting local buyers to Tochigi prefecture.

Development of and support for production areas that export products

We support areas that export products by helping them negotiate for sales channel development and creating materials for keeping products fresh. By doing so we are on our way to further expanding our appealing agricultural products.

Beef - Tochigi Wagyu

Tochigi Wagyu is the name of a beef brand. Only top-grade beef, with the yield grade of A or B, and the meat quality grade of 4 or 5 (5 is the highest) from cows of the Japanese Black breed that are raised with meticulous care and attention by designated producers in Tochigi is entitled to this brand name.

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In FY2019, 25,400 tons of strawberries were produced in Tochigi prefecture. Since 1968, meaning for over a half century, we have been the largest strawberry producer in Japan.

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Pears - Nikkori

Nikkori is the local pear brand developed in Tochigi prefecture. The brand "Nikkori" is named after "Nikko", the nationally famous sightseeing destination in Tochigi prefecture, and the Chinese character "梨" which is pronounced as "Ri" in Chinese.

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In December 2013, "Washoku, traditional dietary cultures of the Japanese" was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, making Japanese food once again attract global attention. This also has led to an increased volume of rice exports. Targeting further expansion of rice exports, we put a lot of effort into promotions to overseas markets such as South East Asia and the US.

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Other Products

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Eat Tochigi !

In this video, foreigners living in Tochigi Prefecture learn about the ingredients produced in Tochigi and try them to find out how delicious Tochigi products are. Please take a look! (English version)

  • Eat Tochigi! - Strawberry -
  • Eat Tochigi! - Rice -
  • Eat Tochigi! - Pear - Nikkori -
  • Eat Tochigi! - Washoku&food of Tochigi -
  • Eat Tochigi! - Beef - Tochigi Wagyu -

Profiles of the cast

Home country
Year moved to Tochigi
Favorite things about Tochigi
I like Tochigi because it is surrounded by nature with easy access to the city center, and I can get fresh local vegetables in my neighborhood.

Home country
Year moved to Tochigi
Favorite things about Tochigi
I like "gyoza" because it is similar to "pierogi", which is a dish from my home country, Poland. I also like Tochigi because there are many beautiful historical sites, such as Nikko Toshogu Shrine.

Lin Yu
Home country
Year moved to Tochigi
Favorite things about Tochigi
Foods in Tochigi are delicious. Rice, strawberries, gyoza. There is a lot of nature and the air is fresh. The more I live here, the more I like it. There are hot spring spots, like in the Nikko and Nasu areas. You can enjoy skiing in winter. I also really like tourist destinations such as the Nikko Toshogu Shrine, Ashikaga Flower Park, Tobu World Square, and Watarase Basin.