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Tochigi Wagyu: the highest-quality beef we proudly present to the world

What is Tochigi Wagyu?

It is the highest-level beef brand in Japan

Tochigi Wagyu is the name of a beef brand. Only top-grade beef, with the yield grade of A or B, and the meat quality grade of 4 or 5 (5 is the highest) from cows of the Japanese Black breed that are raised with meticulous care and attention by designated producers in Tochigi is entitled to this brand name. Having repeatedly won the highest prize at national competitions, Tochigi Wagyu truly is "Japan's highest-level" beef brand.
Tochigi prefecture is the sixth largest beef cow raiser in Japan. About 200 designated producers work to secure a supply of safe beef.

Tochigi Wagyu

Secrets of the great taste of Tochigi Wagyu

1. Long fattening period

In Tochigi prefecture, about 30,000 wagyu cattle are raised. Of which about 3,500 are certified as "Tochigi Wagyu" a year. The flavor and aroma of the beef are condensed through a long fattening period of approximately 30 months.

2. Uncompromised feed quality

Tasty rice grown in Tochigi prefecture, which is a fertile rice production area, is added to cow feed to improve the flavor and aroma of the beef. Cattle are also fed rice straw to maintain a healthy intestinal environment.

3. Fattening environment development

Producers are raising each cow with meticulous care and attention by, for example, developing an environment where cattle eat and rest well without stress.

Safe beef you can trust from Tochigi to the world

Tochigi to the world

In 2020, the "Tochigi Meat Center", certified to meet the facility hygiene standards of various countries such as the US, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, as well as the EU, opened. The Center is preparing for global meat exports.

Tochigi Meat Center

Cuts of beef

Cuts of beef

"The Kingdom of Beef"- The classic and popular cuts of steaks.

Cuts from the upper to lower back, namely the "ribs", "sirloin", and "tenderloin", are particularly well known. These cuts feature the classic beef flavor.


Ribs are a cut of back meat on the ribs. A delicate balance of red meat and fat presents a good meat flavor and the sweetness of fat. Ribs are perfect for steaks, shabu-shabu, and sukiyaki.


Sirloin is soft, has an excellent flavor, and makes a great steak. The tastiness of Tochigi Wagyu can be best experienced when a steak is eaten simply with salt and pepper. Having it with ground wasabi is also recommended.


Tenderloin is leaner and softer than sirloin. A tenderloin steak is recommended for those who are careful about fat intake. Note that a tenderloin steak should not be overcooked. Tenderloin is also a great choice for roast beef.

“Tochigi Wagyu“ offers the joy of experiencing a wide variety of tastes

You can enjoy beef in many ways also with other cuts such as "chuck eye roll", "flank", "rump", and "round" from dishes that maximize the features of each cut.

4Chuck eye roll

Chuck eye roll is the beef cut between the shoulder and the back. It is the cut closest to the head. It contains plenty of fat and feature a good amount of marbling. Eating it as thin slices is recommended. This cut is great for yakiniku, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu.


Flank is a cut from abdominal muscles featuring a mille-feuille of red meat and fat. It possesses plenty of fat and juiciness to produce a rich flavor. It is tasty when prepared as yakiniku or simmered dishes like curry-over-rice or stew.


Rump is a cut of red meat next to sirloin and between the lower back and the hip. This cut has both a red meat flavor and the sweetness of sirloin. To enjoy the taste of this cut wholeheartedly, we recommend choosing a thick rump steak.


Round is a cut from the base of the rear legs. Featuring the right amount of marbling, it has a good level of chewiness and plenty of fat. It tastes the best when sliced thin and is a great choice for yakiniku, sukiyaki, and shabu-shabu.

Recommended dishes featuring Tochigi Wagyu


sirloin, tenderloin, ribs, rump


ribs, chuck eye roll


ribs, chuck eye roll


chuck eye roll, round, flank

Roast beef


Beef stew

round, flank

Eat Tochigi !
- Beef - Tochigi Wagyu -

Tochigi Wagyu has various cuts, each having a different taste and recommended method of cooking. In this video, two foreigners living in Tochigi prefecture experience the deliciousness of Tochigi Wagyu; they are invited to a beef shop, and are served yakiniku, stew, and other dishes using various parts of Tochigi Wagyu.

Producer's comment

With many rice paddies and therefore abundant straw to feed cows, Tochigi prefecture is suitable for fattening cows. A relatively long fattening period is one of the characteristics of "Tochigi Wagyu", making cattle become heavier with tight and finely textured meat. We also make sure to always provide cows an environment where they can relax and sleep in. We hope you will enjoy our "Tochigi Wagyu" that we've raised with a lot of care and attention.

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